vi. Reading List: myth & fable

Myth & Fable

If you are new to witch, pagan or occult studies, you might find it odd that myth, fable and folklore is important. The reason this is, is that many, many insights and truths are hidden within the old stories. Some of these have evolved into children’s fairy tales, but they were created for adult entertainment and the passing of knowledge. Some of the insights are obvious – think of the ‘wicked queen’ of snow white as she scrys into her mirror – but others require some inner ‘knowing’ of your own first.
 If you are pagan, then mythology is considered essential.

To appreciate the ways of your people, my suggestion is to go and meet the Land spirits of those peoples. Then, read their histories as well as the beliefs they held about creation, heros, women, nature, and more.
If you are serious about your knowledge, it’s ideal to read the myths of other cultures, and yes, even Biblical myths. If you are secure in who you are, you develop a passion for understanding others.

Individual Gods

There are too many good books on the gods to list. Search for the specific god via Amazon. The ones I list here are for practical use – offering hymns or rituals to certain gods – or they offer a different perspective.  


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