v. Reading List: general

Reading List

Here is a collection of books that I recommend to those interested in traditional witchcraft, traditional witch ways, and old ways in general.
This list is not geared towards the beginner. Some books are very accessible, but most are best suited to the intermediate or advanced seeker/practitioner.

All links here redirect you to Amazon.com (purchasing from that redirection gives me a tiny commission – thank you – helps fund this website). If you’re in the UK, I’ve added an Amazon.co.uk banner on the sidebar menu. Although I’m in Europe, the majority of my visitors are Americans.

Caveat: books are merely resources, nothing more. They may trigger insights just as much as a commercial, a walk in the park, or a casual conversation with a stranger.To understand a people – visit their land and meet the Land spirits, or connect to others of that heritage. To understand nature, go outside and connect. To understand the ways of your soul (be it witch or any other) do shadow work, trance, meditate, day dream.I believe strongly that everything you need to know is within you or in nature. Books are wonderful, but they can become barriers as much as anything else – use them as masters, not as slaves.Books with an * are highly recommended for their importance or quality.

General Witchcraft, Paganism & History


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