Witchblood roots

A visitor asked some thoughtful questions regarding the blood line of the witch that I felt they deserved their own post.

“how far back do you feel it goes, where is its source”

We believe that it (the essence of the witchblood) goes back to the beginning of time as it is connected to the Great Void.
However, the witchblood as it manifestedĀ in a person, we believe goes back to when humans were gathered in communities/tribes. My family don’t talk about specific eras. I don’t believe that it is in their knowledge, but also, it isn’t in our way of thinking about our heritage.

“…has it changed since its conception.”

No, not in it’s pure form. Yes, as in culturally. But the Blood is always of and connected to the First, the Great Void, the Serpent Mother.

“Does it occur in all generations, or is it dormant at times, what makes it active”

It skips generations but is always present.
The best way I can describe it, is that it’s like the genetic trait of eye colour. A baby born to parents who both have brown eyes, can have blue eyes. This is down to the blue eye genes carried through the parents but not manifested in them. The witchblood ‘gene’ is much the same. This is a crude similarity but the best I have come up with.


~ by sandra on August 29, 2008.

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