The Realm of Earth

The realm of earth is an aspect of the whole. Very similar to the concept of the soul and spirit being aspects of the whole that is ‘me’.

The human eye and conscious mind most easily perceives the earth realm. The other realms are accessible, but as we are creatures of this realm, everything here is more easily observed.

The more in tune we are with our spiritual existence, the better equipped we are to perceive and visit the other realms. The other realms afford us different opportunities, and the hedgerider and the shadow witch focus on walking to and between the realms.

The earth realm, where our bodies are most comfortable, is the realm of tide, soil, stone, root, animal, moon, blood, and weed.

The earth realm is the spiral witch’s key into all other realms. Without a a deep relationship with the plants and animals, we are not witches. A person who visits the other realms through practices such as meditation, hypnosis, trance, yoga, etc, alone, is not functioning as a witch. The allied connection with the organisms of the earth realm is inextricable with the witch ways.

The ancients didn’t meditate. They didn’t attempt to transcend. Instead, they sought to be fully in the earth realm, to the depths of the soil. They connected to the stem, the tree hollow, the stone crevice, the natural spring, and, with the spirits of nature, travelled and flew.


~ by sandra on July 24, 2007.

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