The witch of shadow doesn’t believe in ghosts, demons, angels, gods, or any Being that is an entity in and of itself in only a spirit realm.

We believe that certain organisms have a ‘spirit’, for want of a better term. So you and I have a spirit, rocks have spirit, the Land has a spirit; trees, weeds, animals, and flowers have a spirit. So a spirit can only exist in so much as the earth realm manifestation exists. Once the body, or earth realm form, dies, the spirit has no anchor. The spirit returns to energy of the earth or even particular organisms, like an area of land.

The witch is very much a creature of the earth realm. We don’t seek for anything ‘above’. We work with the spirits of the creatures that reside on earth.

In some ways, the leftover energy is like what some people might think of as ghosts or spirits. Let’s say for example that a person died in a house. Their spirit will not haunt the house, it will instead return to its ancestral homeland, to the earth, to the land beneath the house, or to local fauna. If the energy returns to a place very near the house, such as the soil beneath it, some of that person’s ‘spirit’, their essence or energy, will remain there. So to put it simplistically, if that person was a psychopath, there might be left in the house a malevolent feeling.

So what’s a perceived haunting?

The human decides the house is haunted due to the ‘feeling’ within it. This person merges their thought forms of fear with the local energies to form an entity.

Basically, we believe that there is nothing much stronger, in ‘magical’ terms, than the imagination, brain function, fear, desire, and will of a human being. We believe that with these things we can create anything, either on this realm or on the others.

Our desire to make sense of the wider cosmos has formed gods, while our fear of the unknown has formed demons. Our desire to be protected has formed spirit guides and angels, and our desire to never lose our loved ones has formed ghosts. This explanation is of course incredibly simplistic, but it conveys the substance of the belief, that the human creates the reality.

If enough people believe in the same entity, with lots of the same fear or desire, then that entity or Being does exist in that it is a created reality. So while neo-pagans might say phooey’ to the belief in the devil, he does exist because enough people have believed in him and still do. For them, he is totally real. And why shouldn’t he be? If the gods Pan, Diana, Isis, or the Goddess exist, then why not him as well?

If you’re interested in this line of thought (no pun) read up on Jung and his theories on the collective unconscious.

What continues to exist is not a person’s soul, but their memory, their energies, or the energies of their emotions – residual energy. The Great Void pushes all the thoughts ever had through reality.

The very esoteric and occultic of you might be asking yourselves right now – if we do this unintentionally through fear, can we do this intentionally through desire or will?

Absolutely. The witch rarely dabbles in the creation of such familiars, but for smany occultists and sorcerers it’s just their thing.


As memory, a type of thought form, never dies, it can always be accessed – via the collective unconscious if you like. The shadow witch simply believes that the memory from the ancestors, and thereby their teachings and wisdom, lives on and can be accessed by all future relatives.

The ancient witch has no complex concept of a collective unconscious. Instead we believe that their memories reside in the stones and rocks – the bones of the grandmother – or the ancestral Land.

Through journeying, the witch can access these memories, if the ancestor’s energies are conducive to her search.

For this reason, the displaced witch need never miss out on any teachings of her heritage. If she’s skilled, she has it all there, waiting for her.

The Shadow

A very important feature of the thought form is the personal shadow: the ‘dark’ (hidden) aspect of the person.

Many fears of demonic or malevolent spirits out to ‘get’ the person have been found, by me and those I’ve mentored or worked with, to be the person’s own thought forms.

Fear is THE most powerful emotion. It’s also the most dangerous because it is a chaotic emotion much more so than desire. When fears are too overwhelming for us, we have a tendency to project them outwards. The most perfect analogy for this is the idiom of the ‘dark cloud’ over us when we’re feeling sad or gloomy. It’s as if our depressing emotion has manifested into an external form, a dark cloud.

This is very much like our inner shadows. Our shadows, which are many and varied, are connected to but different from our Shadows (capital, key concept). There are only a handful of these shared by all humans. A little like a dark archetype, using Jung again. While the Shadow is a protective beast within us, shadows are our manifold fears, anxieties, angers, worries, etc.

If you ever see a dark figure – usually human-shaped but can be like smoke or take on any shape – without clear features, this is likely a shadow form. It’s most usually your own shadow, but it’s possible to see those of other people’s.

Most people think it is a demonic creature or some such hateful thing. Instead, we believe it is an external dark reality of the person’s inner dark reality. These shadow forms can manifest from anxiety over a betrayal, suicidal thoughts, worry over the safety of children, lack of self-confidence, and many, many reasons.

But as they belong to us, we can do something about them. They’re not demons or ghosts over which we have no power.


~ by sandra on July 24, 2007.

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