Approaching Plants

I have found that even within pagan circles, that is, those that attempt for a different perspective on nature, you find that plants are still treated as medicinal substances. I think this is due to the very ingrained western allopathic perspective we’ve been raised in.

So plants are still looked upon by what they can or can’t do. For example – this plant is good for this sickness. This is the allopathic way.

In the shadow witch’s way, the plant is a living, intelligent and conscious thing. We don’t use plants as if they were just substances or tools. Instead, we form a type of relationship, just as you might do with friends. It’s more like a relationship with a work colleague though, one that you trust implicitly. Because that’s what you form, a working partnership, an alliance.

Of course plants do have inherent qualities, but they also have individual qualities. This is why sometimes a plant will work for you and other times the same type will not, or it works differently. But also, it’s not one-sided. So the person ingesting the plant or working with it magically, influences its qualities too. Just like any relationship.

If you are interested in the ways of the shadow witch, the root worker, then it’s part of how we work to form relationships with plants. Research is important (if you can’t get handed-down knowledge) but this is only after you meet and greet the plant.

If you still think of ‘X plant cures Y ailment’, then you’re stuck in an allopathic way of seeing the natural world.

The spiral witch either requests a plants help or invites the nature spirit of the plant to participate in the working.


~ by sandra on July 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Approaching Plants”

  1. Hey. How are you? How do you feel about cutting and drying and using plants when they have a spirit? When you know a plant and it’s spirit, how do you cut it? Do you never use plants medicinally, say, in a tea? My seedlings have sprouted – the white sage. Just trying to look twice, as suggested; just saying “hi.” 🙂

  2. Hello Michele,

    If you ask a friend to draw blood for you, might they? Many tribes form bonds this way. If you approach a plant with respect and request permission first, and WAIT for the go-ahead, then there is nothing to worry about.

    It isn’t that I don’t take plants via tea or have them for healing.
    To understand my approach, you need to shift your thinking so that you replace the word ‘use’, with the term ‘work with’, and ‘medicine’ with ‘health’.

  3. Hey. This may not be the place to ask this question, but i will do 😉 For me, I go through periods whn I find it very hard to exist iin “two worlds.” The world where I “tend my garden” and the rat race I need to function iin to have a roof over my head and food on my table. I work in corporate America, and I go home to my cottage and my garden and my land spirits. The tow are so very different. Sadly, these days, it seems it takes more money to “buy” land to live on and then one can’t make a living off it. One can no longer hunt for food and such – one must have medical insurance, an IRA for old age, a car to get around… how d oyou reconcile the two separate lives it seems we must lead???

  4. I’ve responded here:

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