Plants are Not Medicines

I have found that even within pagan circles, that is, those that attempt for a different perspective on nature, you find that plants are still treated as medicinal substances. I think this is due to the very ingrained western allopathic perspective we’ve been raised in.

So plants are still looked upon by what they can or can’t do. For example – this plant is good for this sickness. This is the allopathic way.


In the shadow bruja’s way, the plant is a living, intelligent, conscious being. We don’t use plants as if they were just substances or tools. Instead, we form a type of relationship, just as you might do with friends. It’s more like a relationship with work colleague though, one that you trust implicitly. Because that’s what you form, a working partnership.


Of course plants do have inherent qualities, but they also have individual qualities. This is why sometimes a plant will work for you and other times the same type will not, or it works differently. But also, it’s not one-sided. So the person ingesting the plant or working with it magically, influences its qualities too. Just like any relationship.


If you are interested in the ways of the shadow witch, the root worker, then it’s part of how we work to form relationships with plants. Research is important (if you can’t get handed down knowledge) but this is only after you meet and greet the plant.


If you still think of ‘X plant cures Y ailment’, then you’re stuck in an allopathic way of seeing the natural world.


~ by sandra on September 28, 2006.

One Response to “Plants are Not Medicines”

  1. Wow,you said a mouthful.Very true,and well put.Recognizing the individuality in all things is truly magical and masterful. Thankyou for reminding us all of this very important element of knowing.Without this understanding there is a lack of elemental respect,which limits possibilities.

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