Living on the Heath

Why do most stories, legends or actual accounts have the witch live on the outskirts of the town? I am referring to the ones that were accepted by at least most of their community.

There are now books on how to be an urban witch, or a city or apartment witch, and I have even heard neo-pagans angrily denounce those who put forward a very earthy, country-dwelling witchery, as ridiculously impossible.

But as usual, this comes down to the confusion with the word ‘witch’. Crafters, witchcrafters, those whose witchery is about magic, can live almost anywhere and work at almost anything.

Witches of my ilk cannot.

Once you start down the conscious road of witchery (obviously you are always on it and always have been), there are certain changes that take place within you that will turn your world upside down. This inner transformation affects your perception of reality, and as you begin to fit more snugly into your own skin, certain environments or conditions will be as anathema to you.

A simple example is living in urban landscape. A witch is no witch at all without the regular, even daily, contact with soil, plants and animals (including wild ones). Living on the outskirts affords better surroundings, but it also means privacy as well as quiet. Isolation is part of the witch life. Many choose not to partner with another. Those that do, stay close to home.

Many witches, because of our disconnection to the tribe, clan, or family, have only discovered their bloodline later in life. They may live in the city and work in a business environment. Something will have to give. Either she will be wracked with headaches and worse ills, or simply never feel fulfilled and suffer that agony, or she gives up the full expression of her path. Whilst a crafter, herbworker or folk mage can be a judge, social worker, hospital porter or CEO, the witch will wither and die in such a role.

A blood witch, once consciously on the path, will seek the green. She will withdraw from society, she will give up a career, sometimes a chance for children, sometimes a partner, she will seek the woods or the fields. This witch, living in urbanity, is an eagle in a cage, a bat forced to live in constant light, a dog away from its pack.

This is not about how the witch should live, but what the witch will live if she is of the bloodline. The blood witch resides on the heath out of necessity.


~ by sandra on August 21, 2006.

5 Responses to “Living on the Heath”

  1. I agree about the isolation, and it is a common theme among spiritual people of all beliefs.

    The only thing that strikes me is your comments about a “bloodline”, and the idea of a /real/ witch as opposed to what, exactly? What is this bloodline, and why is it better and/or different than any other?

  2. It is most definitely NOT better. It is different. And it doesn’t matter unless you are one. If you are not it is irrelevant to you.

    It’s a litte like wondering what is that certain something that makes a gifted musician that way. It might be interesting to hear it articulated, if it were possible, but otherwise irrelevant to a non-musician.

    If you are of the Blood, you know, and others know you.

  3. how do u know if u have the bloodline of a powerful witch

  4. The answer to this question is the same for the above – if you are of the Blood, you know.
    As to whether you’re connected to a specific witch and a powerful one, that is something that can be found out through realm walking, dream working, or any trance state where you have the ability to contact the spirits.

    Join us in the yahoo group (there’s a link on the right) if you want to explore this further with the memebrs there.

  5. Michele said:
    “For me, I go through periods whn I find it very hard to exist iin “two worlds.” The world where I “tend my garden” and the rat race I need to function iin to have a roof over my head and food on my table. I work in corporate America, and I go home to my cottage and my garden and my land spirits. The tow are so very different. Sadly, these days, it seems it takes more money to “buy” land to live on and then one can’t make a living off it. One can no longer hunt for food and such – one must have medical insurance, an IRA for old age, a car to get around… how d oyou reconcile the two separate lives it seems we must lead???”

    Hopefully the post here will provide an answer for you.

    I would question the thoughts, “one MUST have medical insurance, an IRA for old age, a car to get around”.

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