Draw a Lover to You

My great-great-aunt is said to have ‘found’ her husband this way.

Place about 2 tsp of honey (locally produced is best) in a saucer.
If you seek a husband, add milk.
Take a thread or twine (thread for a lustful union, twine/rope for something more permanent) and place it around the outer edges (but still inside) of the saucer. Make a knot where the thread meets itself.
Spit into the ingredients and mix well.
If your intended has his eyes on another, add a little olive oil.

Leave on your windowsill and ask the spirits of air to help you.
Recite your spell.
Whisper the name of the person (if you have someone specific in mind) a few times over the saucer.
Invite any insect to give its life for this task.
When you find a fly or any other winged creature stuck in the mix, you kill it and leave it in there.

If a non-flying creature becomes stuck in your mix, you must discard it, as it is not the work of the air spirits which you requested.

If you are a pagan-witch, offer the mixture to your god/s. If not, leave the saucer out in a natural setting for other nature’s creatures to eat.


~ by sandra on June 20, 2006.

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