Bruja cleansing the evil eye (i)

Rue, rosemary and 1 more herb or weed, is ground down and mixed with water or alcohol. (The Catholic witches almost always use blessed church water – holy water). I would normally obtain my water from a running creek/brook/river (not a still pool).

The affected person sits and recites a prayer or chant given to him/her by the bruja. The bruja prepares for the task while walking around the person and swilling the herb mixture in her mouth. She calls upon the aid of her spirits. When the bruja feels it is time, she spits the liquid mix over the head of the person, or entirely over their body. (disgusting? then the traditional path is not for you)

The person is sometimes advised not to wash off the mixture (now including spittle) for a whole day.

Only non-witch persons are offered protection. This is usually for very specific cases. Sometimes, after the above cleansing, the person is given an amulet or talisman to carry with them. This usually happens if the person is being attacked – a continual evil eye from a specific person or group.


~ by sandra on June 20, 2006.

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