Secrecy & Lineage

Have come across several traditional websites and forums, where the idea of a hereditary witch is met with a lot of hostility. Sometimes it is met with simple arrogant denial. This is always on English/American websites.

When I first discovered this (and this is only online, as the true witches of blood that I have met do not think this way) I was taken aback. It was such a natural thing to me, like the push and pull of the tide, that it required a shift in perspective to comprehend what was claimed. That is, I had to understand the Neo-Pagan movement of English-speaking countries and see things from the point of view of its members.

What I discovered is that almost every Neo-Pagan I meet is motivated by the modern age. Those that attempt to follow a true ancient way are in the minority.

The latter people tend to be those that attempt to reconstruct the old ways of their land (or even of a land they have never visited). Somewhere along the way, they gain the understanding that a certain way of being is passed through the blood. A small group then claim they are from a family of witches or at least trained by a family. I say claim, because most all are lying, in my opinion. I believe that this comes from insecurity – that you can only be an authentically spiritual person in touch with the old gods or with nature spirits, if you are a true blood witch.

The beliefs, traditions and practices of the ancients are amazingly beautiful. Both the child sacrifices and the earth honouring are beautiful both in their sensuality and strength of conviction. If these ways are lost or fragmented, the attempt to reconstruct them out of sincerity becomes a beautiful thing – there is no need to be of a family or be trained by anyone. The connecting to gods or the land is within you.

However, English-speakers should be aware that the reality of culture is not a tiny bubble called England or America. Millions of people around the world are living in the same fashion of their ancestors of hundreds of years previously. Whether it is how the land is toiled, how the harvest is gathered, how the bread is baked, how meals are shared, how children are raised, or how houses are built, these ways are very old if not ancient.

Many, many cultures still sit around a hearth fire or clear pool and tell the stories of the old ones. Folklore and myth is not fairy tales in books, but communication between generations. From the practical to the sacred, from the mundane to the superstitious, ways are passed down from elder to child.

This reality is not confined to indigenous cultures, to the aborigines of the land. This is real in modern households of not so advanced countries. In Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Italy, Spain, Guatemala, Indonesia, Fiji Islands, and more, the young learn from the elders as much as or more than from books, television and films.

If you are an English traditional witch, I challenge you to visit Mexico and tell them that witches are not born into families. I also challenge you to find a blood witch that is prepared to sell their knowledge in a book – that witch would not be around for much longer. But it is more than the threat of retribution, it is against everything that we are as brujos.

Not all ‘witches’ in families are of the blood, and they are just as respected. They are just not involved in blood witches’ gatherings.

If you are not a witch of blood, sacredness is not denied to you. The gods will still hear you, the land will still support you, the spirits will still respond to you. What is required is not La Sangre (the [witch] blood), but sincerity, surrender and respect.

When you have those things, you become secure enough to allow me, and my people, a space in your reality. Yes, I am of La Sangre, and there are thousands like me. We are not better than you, more spiritual than you, nor are we more powerful than you. We are different. Different has always drawn hostility; we know that more than most. But it is not for me that I ask this, but for you. Arrogance is a wall between you and the power. Deny who I am, and you add another stone to your wall.


~ by sandra on May 27, 2006.

12 Responses to “Secrecy & Lineage”

  1. Well said – 🙂

  2. Hello Sandra,

    Excellent essay! I could not agree more, you’ve touched on some specific problems that I have also seen and your sentiment about arrogance only adding more stones to the wall is so apt and true! Many thanks for visting my website, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance and to visit yours as well 🙂

    Bloom & Broom,


  3. Reading this kind of answers my questions I posted under “Living on the Heath”. It still doesn’t make much sense to me. I mean, as far as I know.. I have no ancenstral connections to the cultures and traditions that call me the most. (Mediterranean and Middle Eastern) Yet that does nothing to slow me. And throughout my life, there has been a theme of joining a family, or house, which I love and protect more so than my own blood family.. yet this “second” family is seperate from me, I feel.. even though I love them. In a way, my interest in other cultures reminds me alot of Lawrence of Arabia.. only possibly I have a stronger distaste of Anglo-American culture.

    It’s never made much sense to me.. but then again, I never felt it really needed to. I know in my heart there is a reason for it, just like everything else.

  4. Yes, as I said in my article,

    “If you are not a witch of blood, sacredness is not denied to you. The gods will still hear you, the land will still support you, the spirits will still respond to you. What is required is not La Sangre (the [witch] blood), but sincerity, surrender and respect.”

    If you are happy and feel fulfilled, that is what matters.

  5. I agree with most of what you said. I find that because of my lineage I naturally preform spells and rituals similar to those written in books. I think those that don’t have witchs in their family can also be brujas but it must come naturally. Here in the US the culture and life is so cold an disconnected that many of the witches I have meet think they are witches because of what they have read in books. I look at them and I don’t see any power. They are flat. They think they are superior because they know more Wicca. Some of the things I have read about Wicca just seem silly. I know of brujas back four generations in my family. Brujas that practiced for a living. My aunt says it has infected our blood, maybe. Me and my three cousins and my niece all practice. I don’t think it is a coincidence. Fake witches are just jealous

  6. My grandmother was born on a whaling ship while her family was migrating from Spain to Hawaii. She married my Grandfather,who was a Taino Indian who migrated from Puerto Rico to Hawaii to work as a field hand after a hurricane devestated the crops in Puerto Rico. There my father was born,and went on to marry my mother in Seattle after serving in The Navy during The Second World War.My mother was born in SouthEast Alaska and was Thlinget Indian.The convergence of influences resulted in a rich heritage that I explore continually.All of my recent Ancestors were born worlds apart,and I benefit from all their Traditions. Study the ways of your lineage,we all have it.

  7. I would say it was met with resistance because as a whole “witches” are rebels and feel the calling of witchcraft because of this.

    It seems natural to me too. Talent and personalities run in families. How many families are full of doctors, musician, artist run in families, why should a talent or an inclination for witchcraft too?

  8. I am the 4th generation of witches in my family and i have been studing on my own as well …..but i think that being a blood witch does give you an atvantage cause it is part of you and always will be u are power and power is you …..

  9. I understand what you’re saying John, but I would like to clarify that there is no ‘advantage’. You either are or are not a blood witch. If you are not, you should strive to find your own truth, but you are no less or less advantaged.

    A non-blood witch will simply not have access to certain areas, but it shouldn’t matter because it is not their path.

  10. Hello Sandra,
    I am interested in your words on Witch blood, how do you see this being passed from generation to generation, and how far back do you feel it goes, where is its source and has it changed since its conception. Does it occur in all generations, or is it dormant at times, what makes it active, is it only passed in the female line or can it be passed by a male too. I say these words in all respect, I am not concerned with argument or defamation, only learning.

  11. Hi Sandra, ah, my mistake, just found more on your site, which rather answers some of my questions regarding passing in the female/male, but still very interested in your thoughts generally

  12. Hello Richard,

    Your questions are good enough for their own post. I will file it under Ways.

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