Sacred Space

In connection to the post on ‘circles’, witches did not create sacred space, this is purely a pagan concept. The Canaanites did create sacred space.

Allow me to share ideas about what sacred space actually means.

Eliade, points out that religious people perceive a difference between the sacred and the profane (mundane, nonspiritual) whilst secular people (my term) see the world only as profane – all space is essentially the same. 

So either reality is all the same and profane, or you distinguish sacred space from the profane.

My tradition tells me that there is a third way – all is the same and sacred.
‘Sacred’ is a problematic word, so vague and so many possibilities, and not very reflective of the traditional witch. But it will do for now. 

The witch does not see the profane, as such (we recognise realms, yes, but this is different). The idea that we would need to create a space that is sacred is not within our perception, it is an absurd idea.

Eliade has much more to say on sacred space of course, and many of his ideas do sit better with the traditional witch. But in context of modern times, sacred space is often the circle of the Wiccan or the purified space of the pagan.

The witch walks between the realms, yet all realms are ‘sacred’.


~ by sandra on May 8, 2006.

2 Responses to “Sacred Space”

  1. Wow does this ring true for me – I always asked Wiccans why we need to raise a sacred space when surely everything is sacred.

  2. I feel it’s fine to believe in sacred space, and if that is a Wiccan belief, than that is their right.

    What matters to me is clarifying that the concept is not of the traditional ways.

    I have sorcerer friends who create a ‘magical’ working area, or even sacred space. I understand that. But they don’t claim to be witches, and they understand that the concept makes no sense in my dealings.

    Like many practices of the modern ‘witch’ – they forget that practices must be congruent with beliefs/philosophies. For many neo-witches, practices are too precious.

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