The practice of making offerings to the gods, spirits or nature runs through just about every pagan religion of the world. But what about traditional witches?

The Canaanite’s also made offerings. It is known that they had at least three different types.

shurpuma: burnt offerings. This is fairly unique. Offerings were burnt entirely.
shalmuma: appeasement, peace or worshipful offerings. These included foods, especially grains, nuts, bread, olive oil. The idea is that the deity will consume them. Such offerings were often, after the ceremony/ritual, shred amongst the people, or left out for animals.
shanupatu: presentation offerings. Dance, drama, music, singing, oral readings, physical spectacle of some sort, as well as objects.

The traditional witch does not make offerings, contrary to modern practices. Offerings is pagan – we don’t have gods. quite simple really.

But this does not mean we do not participate and give back to the spirit realm….


~ by sandra on April 11, 2006.

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