The concept and practice of purification is a pagan one. So here is one area where Phoenician and traditional brujeria part ways. Although, modern pagan-brujeria often includes it.

In traditional witchery we do not believe in the idea that we can be psychically or spiritually soiled and therefore do not require cleansing of any sort.

The closest we have is removal or release of unwanted or useless power/energy/etc. For example, if somebody sent hurtful or simply negative thoughts towards you, we do not believe that you are soiled, but that you contain useless/undesirable ‘energy’ and need to release it.

Pagan-witchery and the ancients believed in purification, and water was the most sacred, followed by salt. Sometimes water is especially useful from a specific place, such as a natural spring, sea cave, or at certain tidal times. Other times it can be strengtheneed with herbs.


~ by sandra on March 3, 2006.

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