Witch, not environmentalist

To be witch is to be walker of realms. To know the unseen intimately. For nature to be allies in the walk. It is knowing the land, both the locale and its bounty as well as the Land, the power within Mother that breaks bounderies of place.

Neo-Paganism might be a nature-religion, but I do not believe ancient pagans were such things. My family were not, as far as the family memory goes. Nature is sacred, but Nature is plant, tree, water, sun, raven and me. Nature is Sacred Wholeness that runs beyond knowledge of herbs or moon phases. To the witch of root and shadow, Nature is Wholeness.

In my family we say; la lengua de la sangre es la terra
the language of the blood is the earth ~ a connection and depth beyond environmentalism.


~ by sandra on November 7, 2005.

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