A correspondence is when two things are said to have a relationship that affects each other, in a way not obvious, let us say ‘magically’ or energetically.

It is said that a certain coloured candle is for a specific type of magic, that oils are ruled by planets, that trees are ruled by gods or planets, that a herb is ruled by a day of the week, sometimes directions are applied to plants or colours or even natural elements.

The natural, traditional, hereditary witch doesn’t believe in any of these things. The reason is because we don’t see the world in that way. The flow of power, or energy if you will, is more chaotic, and yet more harmonious, than a linear relationship between A and B.

The whole concept of correspondences stems from magical practice, that is, hermetic and ceremonial mages. Sorcerers often think in correspondences. But the witch, (remember, the walker of the old ways) is not a formulaic practitioner, and her reality spins differently.

One reason we don’t use correspondences (set relationships), is that we believe in, and live fully in, the immediate experience. A plant’s mood, strength, and specific power today, its exact habitat, neighbours and living condition, as well as the harvesting conditions, is more real to us than an already assigned set of characteristics, a ruling planet or an applied direction.

The way of the ancient witch is not easy – there are no set guidelines, we are forced to know every living thing that we desire to work with, on an intimate 1-2-1 level. This takes time, commitment, effort, deep knowledge, constant learning, and great flexibility.


~ by sandra on July 24, 2005.

One Response to “Correspondences”

  1. Your clarity is awesome.To live in the moment is to transcend time. This enables one to utilize all the possibilities unique to a particular focus.

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