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In shadows of Blood my ancestors walked the path that is evident in every culture on the Great Land (earth). Each culture shapes and moulds the lineage with their nuances. Sometimes the bloodline disappears, sometimes it is cloaked with the conquering religion. Other times it merges and adapts with tribal religions to emerge both fresh and ancient.

The path I speak of is most recognised by its term ‘witch’, and it is not pagan, but pagan-witchery is one form. It is also not folk magic and not just witchcraft, as anyone may use such things.

I share here oral, family-based, or simply ‘traditional’ ways, and the ways of the hedge rider. There is a path of the ancient ones that has no label – resonating with plants, soil and tides. ‘Witch’ is a mere whisper of who we are: a human construct in an attempt to make sense of those folk who walk between realms and ally with root and leaf. I use various terms: shadow witch, brujo/a, primal witch, root worker, spiral witch, realm walker, traditional witch.



While the type of witchery I mention above is universal, as a bruja myself, this site is also of use to those interested in ancient Euro-Hispanic witchery. In the interest of world brujeria, I include information on all brujeria forms. Ultimately, I have found that the ways of my ancestors are shared amongst hereditary witches across the world.

Proceed only if you are mature enough to accept strong opinions, no sugar-coating, a shadowed world, intuitive knowledge, and dirt under the nails.

Tread respectfully upon the path you choose…

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